World’s Greatest Sushi Chef – Jiro Ono

World’s Greatest Sushi Chef – Jiro Ono

What does it take to become great at something? Well many of you may have already seen this documentary but for those of you who haven’t, this is about Jiro Ono, proclaimed to be the World’s Greatest Sushi Chef. Jiro’s restaurant located in a subway station in Japan has received a 3 Star Michelin rating and even at his age, he explains that he is still striving for greatness.

This documentary not only hits home for me because of my Japanese heritage but also reminds me how I was raised. We were always taught that if we’re going to do something to try to do it well. This carries over into my professional career, personal life, and entrepreneurial ventures.

This documentary humbles me in that at times I may complain about work and how hard it is but Jiro takes work and discipline to a whole new level. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and hope you can learn a little about passion, discipline, and striving to be great at something.

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