What’s Your Reasons For Going On?

What’s Your Reasons For Going On?

Entrepreneurship is tough. There’s no question about it. Many people sometimes think that starting their own company is so glamorous, prestigious, and amazing. But what those people don’t see are the peaks and valleys that come with entrepreneurship. I’ll relate this article to entrepreneurship and my career because this topic of having reasons is very personal to me. It’s something that truly drives me each and every day, and truly motivates me when times are really tough.

In life, you’re going to be faced with a lot of difficult times, much like in entrepreneurship. You may face challenges such as trying to lose weight, trying to find a job after being let go, or trying to get your struggling business off the ground. One of the best advice that I could give you is that you first have to think about, write down, then constantly remember your reasons for you continuing. It truly is easy to quit, very easy to give up, but if your reasons are strong enough, you will find ways to keep pushing yourself forward.

Les Brown an amazing motivational speaker once said

“When life knocks you down, try to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, your reasons will help you get back on your feet.”

I’ll list my reasons shortly, but I first wanted to touch base on what your reasons should be. What has helped me is having reasons that are “higher than I am”, reasons that are “bigger than me”, and reasons that hold true meaning and purpose to my life. Now some people may say that their reason to be successful is that they want to drive nice cars or have the hottest girl, but in my opinion, those are very short term reasons. Those reasons may not hold enough depth to motivate you when times really get tough.

My story is a little different than others but there may be some of you who may be able to relate. My main reason for pushing so hard in life came on October 12, 1998. Yes, I remember the exact day because that was the day I spoke my last words to my late father when the doctor asked my family to say our goodbyes in the hospital. Although under heavy medication, I knew he could hear what I was saying to him. My last words to him were “Don’t worry about anything dad, I promise I will take care of the family somehow”. Being 18 at the time and although I was the youngest of three kids, “taking care of the family” meant that I would one day have to become extremely successful in my career or business. I’ve done okay for myself, but feel as though I can do so much more and to provide my family with having options and comfort in life will make me so happy one day. Now for those of you who know my family, my family has never put money high up in priority and this is simply a personal goal of mine that I use to push myself.

But here is my list of reasons that keep me motivated:

  1. The last words that I spoke to my father was a promise that I am not breaking
  2. Before my mother passes, I want her to see that I’m doing more than just fine in life
  3. I want to provide my own family with having options in life
  4. I want the life I’ve been given to mean something, to look back one day with no regrets
  5. I want to teach and inspire others that its possible to set large goals and achieve them

As mentioned earlier, whether it be in life or in entrepreneurship, times will get tough……I mean really tough. Tough to the point where many people have given up, many people tell themselves what’s the use, and many people simply can’t take the pain and refuse to keep going. It is painful, it is hard, but you must let your reasons keep you going. I encourage each and everyone of you to think about some goal or goals that you want to achieve. It could be a short term goal or a lifetime promise like mine, but I encourage you to really think about your reasons for keeping you going.

I’ve climbed and continue to climb the corporate ladder, love every second of it, but know that I can do more with my life. My family is completely happy with their lives and don’t need money to make them any happier but I use my reasons to keep me motivated and to hold myself accountable. As mentioned in other articles, entrepreneurship is a long lonely journey at times and your reasons must be strong enough to pull you through the valleys.

I truly know that my father is looking down on me and no matter what I do in life, he’ll be happy with what I’ve accomplished so far. He was a hard working carpenter who worked hard and lived life simply but how great would it be if the first words that I tell him the next time I see him would be: “Dad, so good to see you again, I told you I’d keep my promise:)”


P.S – I kindly ask that you share this article if you or anyone else you know of can benefit from writing down their reasons. Find your reasons and let them be your strength in life.

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