Qualified for the Boston Marathon In 10 Weeks!?!?

Qualified for the Boston Marathon In 10 Weeks!?!?

Here at Startuup, we love sharing inspirational content that we find online. As mentioned in a few posts, finding success is all about deciding what you want do, having a strong mindset, and letting your reasons get you through the hard times. Michelle took on the challenge from her co-workers but a night before the marathon, she realized she is doing this for herself.

As with being an entrepreneur, life will throw you a few “marathons” your way and it’s truly up to you how you’re going to handle it. I’m sure you heard it over and over again but it holds so true in that running a business is a marathon and not a sprint. Many entrepreneurs give up early in the game because they don’t see any results in the early stages. Training for a marathon is no different……it just takes time and effort.

We thank Buzzfeed and Michelle for an amazing story proving that anything is possible!!

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