Masters of Success

Masters of Success: Proven Techniques for Achieving Success in Business and Life


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Success! The Magic Word. The Holy Grail. The American Dream.

Who has not admired the titans of sport, entertainment, commerce and public service and been inspired to set course by those stars? What youth has not dreamed of becoming rich and famous? What restless fast-food manager has not dreamed of being the boss of a nationwide restaurant chain? What hard-working employee has not dreamed of running his own company?
Perhaps more important, what can they, and we, learn about achieving success from successful people? This is the magic of Masters of Success.

You will:
•Discover Brian Tracy’s insights into the laws of success
•Learn from Tony Alessandra the importance of passion
•Hear Lou Holtz’s advice on visualizing success
•Discover what drove Erin Brockovich to triumph over great odds

You will read chapters by Buzz Aldrin, Wayne Dyer, Larry Elder, Michael Gerber, John Gray, Mark Victor Hansen, Tom Hopkins, Vince Lombardi Jr., Tony Robbins and many others. All these famous people and many more contributed to the writing of Masters of Success.

If you seek inspiration and ideas, Masters of Success has stories of daunting hardships overcome lessons learned and unexpected success in abundance. You will eagerly page from one story to the next, finding both motivation and encouragement throughout this handsome volume.


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