Las Vegas Fox 5 Surpise Squad Does It Again

Las Vegas Fox 5 Surpise Squad Does It Again

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

This video came out a few weeks ago but the strength of the message is as present as ever. Being selfless, caring, and kind when you can see no end in sight is what some people do naturally. A mother of five gains guardianship of three children after a tragedy. Now, her new family of 10 is in desperate need, but what they don’t know is they’ll be part of the FOX5 Surprise Squad’s biggest surprise ever!

Stories like this bring us back to reality. When we think we’re having a bad day, we must remember that there are those who have it far worse than we do. Raising 8 children? We can only imagine the stresses that come along with that responsibility. We’ll simply let the video show you how a community can come together to make a difference in a family’s life.


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