How to Cook the Perfect Duck Breast

How to Cook the Perfect Duck Breast

I had to start this tutorial section with one of my favorite dishes that may seem a little intimidating to some people, but a perfectly prepared duck breast is hard to beat. Like a great steak, duck breast is served best at a medium rare temperature. The crispy skin, the taste of the duck fat, and the tenderness of the meat can go toe to toe with a restaurant grade steak in my opinion.

A few things I would add to this video is to ensure you dry the breast with a paper towel to get as much water out of it as possible. The less water, the crispier the skin will be. Be patient, a medium to medium low heat will do the trick. You want the breast to cook in its own fat. In my experience it did take a little longer than 2 minutes but you definitely want to cook the breast about 90% on the skin side then just sear the other side to finish. Don’t get discouraged if you overcook or undercook it on your first try. As with every other recipe out there, it takes trial and error but this dish will definitely impress your friends or that special someone you’re cooking for.

Duck breast is juicy, flavorful, somewhat of a rich dish and needs a wine companion that is lighter bodied, lightly fruity, with good acidity and some earthiness to it. A Pinot Noir such as a nice bottle of Oregon’s Domaine Droughin is the natural pairing.

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