Growler Chill – Your Countertop Beer Tap for Growlers

Growler Chill – Your Countertop Beer Tap for Growlers

I’m a beer lover, there’s no denying that! After a hard day of work or on a hot sunny day, it’s hard to beat an ice cold beer. Like many others out there, I’ve gone through my beer phases. Started with my light beer phase, then moved on to my Heineken and Stella days, on to some pale ales, and now stuck in a great IPA stage. It’s amazing and exciting to see how many great breweries are coming out with their unique beers.

If you’re into micro brews, I’m sure you’ve heard of growlers. If not, growlers are containers or jugs that are used to transport beer. Many of these breweries are selling growler jugs of their beers so that costumers can take them home.

With purchasing growlers come a few problems. Beer in growlers tend to lose their carbonation and become flat. Trust in that a flat micro brew is not a good thing. I’m excited to share with you Growler Chill to help solve that problem! Just another startup company doing great things! You can now enjoy your beer with the best flavors when you use the Growler Chill Refrigerated Counter Tap. With a capacity of three growlers, this countertop chiller gives your beer everything it needs for optimum taste. This includes keeping the beer nice and cold, in the dark, carbonated, and the system offers protection from oxygen. The Growler Chill holds the temperature of your choice from 38-54F. In addition, the interior of the Growler Chill lets in no light so eliminate the chance of skunky beer. With a 90-gram beverage-grade CO2 cartridge, the device also preserves the carbonation. Perfect for your home bar or even outdoor kitchen, the Growler Chill uses a patented Virginator to exclude oxygen from the CO2 process. All of this technology delivers great tasting beer, pour after pour. In addition, the Growler Chill uses an intuitive app for accessibility and looks incredible with its customizable tap handles.


Will this be another KickStarter flop or will beer lovers thank Growler Chill for fresh microbrews on tap in the comfort of their homes!?

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