Growing a Successful Business

Growing a Successful Business

Many people tend to shy away from pursuing their dreams of starting a business because of a lot of unknowns. As mentioned before, and I will continue to mention that starting a business is not easy. The excitement of starting a business is soon met with frustration and defeat but you must keep persevering. Your reasons for continuing will need to be strong enough for you to fight through those times and break down those walls. But what many people don’t understand is that many businesses start off with a single founder or a pair of co-founders.

Lincoln Beer Company located in Burbank, CA is truly an inspirational story. Starting from their garage to opening a full brewery is a feat in itself. But what inspires us is that we got to personally meet one of only two co-founders Ryan Lipson, and he’s filled with so much ambition, drive, and dedication. Ryan’s out there by himself driving around town, offering to delivery his product 24/7 and following up to ensure his customers are satisfied with their product.

The unparalleled personal customer service he provides, along with producing a great product has opened up the doors for a bright future for Lincoln Beer Company. They have proven that anything’s possible. Still with just 2 employees on payroll, one can only imagine the amount of work they must put in each and every day. Keep up the great job guys! And thanks for producing such great beer!!



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