"When your WHY is big enough, you will find your HOW" ~ Les Brown

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About Me

Born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, moved to Nevada to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and moved here to Los Angeles to be with my beautiful wife, I continue to learn about life each and everyday. A complete "Foodie" who loves anything outdoors, especially a good bbq, I've worked my way up the corporate ladder confirming that true happiness doesn't lie in how much money one makes or what title one may hold. I simply built Startuup to share great content about everyday topics in hopes to inspire just one person who may be the one who inspires millions in the future. Thank you so much for coming to Startuup!

About Startuup

Startuup represents all of my failures, all of my lessons learned so far, but most of all, Startuup represents hope. Hope in that I may inspire just one person to create a better relationship with their spouse, hope that one person may finally start their blog or business knowing that I did with no web development skills, and hope that someone creates a better life for themselves by reading just one article from this site.
Startuup didn’t come easy as there were times of pivoting ideas, not knowing what content to share, or what design to even settle on. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know all too well about these types of failures. I do though use the word “failures” very loosely as I now look back and enjoyed every “failure” that I experienced. I have learned so much and as I work on Startuup and other current projects, I continue to apply what I’ve learned from my past. Success truly is getting up just one more time than I fall and being an entrepreneur at heart, I know I will fall many times more.
I’ll leave you with this simple message. Suffering family loss at a young age, I know how fragile life can be. We all think that we have tomorrow to tell our spouse we love him or her, we all think tomorrow we’ll start that business, but tomorrow is not necessarily guaranteed. I encourage you to find and make time to pursue your dreams and at the very least, you can live without regret knowing that you truly tried. Remember, success is said just getting up one more time than you fall. I encourage you to find your reasons for getting back up just one more time! Thanks again for coming to Startuup!